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SwiftPOS Menu Boards offer solutions to businesses of different sizes and budgets. The Professional Menu Board solution is perfect for sites running multiple stores with the requirement for sophisticated centralised content management and larger sites running multiple boards with different content or animated content.

Menu Boards are part of the SwiftPOS Suite of Software and integrate seamlessly to your Back Office or Head Office so product descriptions, prices, specials, happy hours, product notes are all fed through to the boards ensuring a completely seamless solution where you only have to manage your products once.

Menu Boards save money on printing and enable your business to be dynamic with promotions, specials, and offers etc.

Loyality Members

Menu Board Professional

Display multiple prices or prices levels per product.

Display correct pricing for different serve sizes, flavours, types etc.

Menu Board pricing is directly linked to SwiftPOS. Change the price in SwiftPOS and you change the price on the boards.

Display available servings and sold out notifications on your menu boards to create faster order processing.

Full control of pricing, content and schedules from the Back Office of Head Office.

Add New daily specials and promotions centrally for all POS and digital menus.

Run flash movies, animations or even multiple flash movies and animations on a single board or multiple boards.

Eliminate printing and potential costly mistakes by having POS pricing and Menu pricing in sync.

Instantly change Menus with updates to the POS and Menu Boards in less than a minute.

Menu Boards don't have to be run as price boards. Use Menu Boards to create slick advertising content.

Super simple user interface allows you to create sophisticated and graphical layouts with multiple layers and dynamics easily.

Menu Board Basic (FREE)

Display multiple prices for the same product for normal price and Member's price.

Avaliable Servings and sold out notifications on Menu Boards.

Instantly change Menus with updates to the POS and Menu Boards in less than a minute.

Display your Food Menu's and pricing directly linked to the SwiftPOS Back Office.

Manage what products display where and how.