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The Smartest way to reward your customers & get online

SwiftPOS Vouchers provides outright flexibility as to how you want to issue and manage your customer vouchers in the marketplace.

With SwiftPOS Vouchers you have complete control and reporting on issue, redemption and voucher liability data. SwiftPOS Vouchers is also a cost effective way to tie your Point of Sale, Membership and Loyalty solution into your Website and Social Media.

SwiftPOS Vouchers allows creative marketing concepts to be a reality and not a administrative head ache. If your business wants to take advantage of vouchers, online marketing, social media or just needs additional controls for staff meals, prizes, coupons etc then contact us for a no obligation overview of the SwiftPOS Point of Sale System.

Voucher Usage Examples

Create your own coupons with full control over redemption and detailed reporting on issue and redemption stats.

Post vouchers to Facebook and other social media sites to reward your followers and your business.

Link SwiftPOS Vouchers to your E-commerce page. Use your website to redeem and issue vouchers directly from SwiftPOS.

Post Vouchers to your own app and reward your customers with real time voucher marketing campaigns.

Send third party Voucher programmes lists of Voucher codes to issue or sell. SwiftPOS controls the issue and control of vouchers giving you more control.

Export any voucher campaign to a QR code. Create security and rules ensuring that your vouchers are being used by your target market.

Use Vouchers to create customised Gift Cards, prizes, incentive cards and complex redemption rules.

Restrict who can use your vouchers and ensure that your give aways or comps are being used by who they are intended for.

Text out short codes which can be manually entered into POS to redeem vouchers. Great for on the fly promotions or for advertising/posters .

Manage Staff Benefits such as staff meals or staff drinks. One drink per staff member, one meal per staff member per day etc.

Reward customers or future customers for visiting your website. Post QR vouchers on your web site enabling your customers to print and redeem.

Have a sale or special event and only allow selected customers or VIP's to have access to promotions or sales prices. Who, what, when & where.

Use vouchers to manage prizes and issuing of winnings. e.g. 1 x free coffee everyday for 6 months.